Inviting members

Inviting members licensed and authorized to serve seniors in these fields

Investment Advisors

Licensed and experienced to offer investment products and services.

Certified Financial Planners

Certified and experienced to implement plans and strategies for retirement, aging, and managing wealth.

Annuity Dealers

Veritable annuities offer seniors dividends and payments for low-risk investments.

Stock, Bonds, Mutual Funds Brokers

Have their series 7 license and recognize the importance for seniors to make safe investments

Life Settlement

Life Insurance policies offer investors future returns and seniors an early buyout.

Reverse Home Mortgage

Licensed, certified lenders offer owners money based on the equity in their home.

Bridge Loans

Offer short term loans for assisted living and care costs until other moneys arrive.
We Offer

Club Member Benefits and Services

24/7 Marketing

Your Senior Team is a marketing platform to generate qualified referrals for your business.
It presents your business and information, mines, and collects market response data, and connects you directly with seniors looking for your services.


Club Members receive referrals based on the requests of the consumer and are offered to you via your email and on your private Club Dashboard. Referrals you accept are provided with the prospect's personal profile and requests.

Proferrals TM

Members are given the tools to receive referrals across the platform from other professionals. We call them “Proferrals” and they empower you to establish Your Senior Team of professionals to work together to offer clients next steps, while providing cohesive and comprehensive plans involving a senior's entire estate.


The technology is constantly mining and collecting data from the market and makes it available to members in the form of reports and analytics. Providing information and data that give insights about the market.
Dashboard Tools

Unlimited marketing and Sales Dashboards

Inviting professionals in money matters for seniors

Charter Membership

Currently free for all the services and tools to build business, trust, and integrity in the senior market, offering your Company and staff legacy status.

Company Registration

Large or small the Club enables you to set up the Company and as many sales and marketing executives it has on staff. Enter company name, logo, photos, and description of business, along with the number of sales and marketing people you wish to be included.

Sales & Marketing Staff

EIFL Club offers qualifying companies a password protected Dashboard, and a Dashboard for as many staff members as you choose to include. Fill-in the formatted form with your sales staff to represent the company in the senior team platform. You can also upload them in an excel sheet and they are automatically sent an invitation with password, and instructions to place themselves in the Club under their Company with their specific information.

Dashboard Tools & Processes

The Company's Dashboard oversees the entire activity of the staff, or it can review one member’s results. The staff Dashboard only oversees, manages, and controls their specific content and profile, receives referrals, Proferrals, and provides the ability to manage content, referrals, status updates, activity, and results.

Referrals & Proferrals

Referrals come directly from consumers, while Proferrals come from other professionals looking for solutions and options for an existing client. Both types of referrals are tracked and updated on a prescribed schedule that is built into the system.

Activity & Analytics

The Dashboard tools enable members to parse, and filter data to generate relevant reports, receive information about sales and marketing activity, referral and proferral conversions, market trends, and results.
Charter Membership is Free

The Senior Team Platform

As a member you have access and are part of this network of professionals and specialists serving seniors

Developed by The Senior Team Inc.