How it works

How it works

The Process

Step 01

Verify your email, return to register your company, and enter the number of sales and marketing staff to receive a password-protected Dashboard.

Step 02

Enter your staff in the form provided or upload a formatted Excel sheet relaying each staff's name, address, email, and phone number. They are contacted directly and guided to set up their Dashboard.

Step 03

The Dashboard is set up to manage and edit your profile, photos, referrals, status updates, reports, and media. A place to gain business, knowledge, community, and goodwill.

Step 04

Your senior team platform technology automatically and proactively nurtures your referrals. Keeping referrals top of mind and on a schedule to help facilitate sales.

Step 05

Be connected to the ecosystem of products, services, and the professionals and specialists who offer them. Build a network across the platform for referrals and reciprocity.

Step 06

Receive notifications, and updates to your Dashboard and have the ability to review, contact, and take immediate action.
Charter Membership is Free

The Senior Team Platform

As a member you have access and are part of this network of professionals and specialists serving seniors

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